Playing is easy! First, choose your spells from your ancient spell book, where you are able to spend only 40 mana to charge up your wand. Next, start the game and use your spells to influence ants, yours or theirs, so that you get the most points within the time limit. When the clock reaches 0 the player with the most points wins! For every ant to reach the cookie, you get 10 points. Every enemy ant you terminate also gets you 1 point. Ants will spawn infinitely, so dont worry if they all get wiped out. More are on the way.

Strategic combinations for attack and counter attack are numerous, so we won't list them all here. Find a strategy that works the best for you. Get to know the spells, and how they work, by playing in Single Player mode to get a lot of practice..

Remember that spells have a cooldown period, so you can't use it again until it cools off. Combine your spells so that you have optimal use of them at any given time. You can't see what your opponent has chosen for his spells, you have to find out the hard way: when they get used on you!

Click your spells on the wand to activate them. Notice how your wand sparkles with the same color as the highlight color on the spell you chose? Now click the field to place your spell. You have about 3 seconds before your spell activates. Some spells require you to click the mouse, and then drag, like path, wall, or vortex. You can also use Hotkeys during the game. Number keys 1 through 5 will activate the same spells on your wand as if you had clicked their icon. You can click any spell you have selected already, to turn it off, and choose another. Once you place a spell on the board, there is no way to cancel it, so be careful not to cast dangerous spells on yourself by accident!

Single player mode in Antskrieg is like a whole new game. Your ants will attempt to reach the cookie, only your opponent doesn't use spells like you do! Instead you will lose 5 points for every enemy ant that enters the cookie. It's important to note that your enemy outnumbers you 3 to one in this mode, so its easy to get overwhelmed.

Click to place the starting point of a wall, move your mouse and click again to place the end of your wall. The wall is a limited size, so place wisely. While the wall exists, it is an impassible barrier to ants.

Click on ant to squish it with your mighty finger. You can squish any enemy ant or any of your own ants as long as it is suffering from a status effect (poison, zombie, etc).

All ants in an area are squished in the shockwave as a fiery meteor is hurled from space and crashes in to the ground. A crater obstacle is created that lasts 15 seconds.

It's a bug killer, it's an under arm deodorant! Wait, it's both! Any ant that passes through this cloud will be squished four seconds after exposure, but they will smell springtime fresh!

Hypnotic Ant Phermone Paint lets you draw a path that nearby ants will be drawn towards. Once on the path they will follow to its end. Great for avoiding obstacles, or making those crazy ants walk in a straight line towards a good or bad ending.

Giant Fan
First place the Giant Fan, then choose what direction it faces. Ants who walk in to the powerful air current of the fan will be blown in its direction. Warning: Giant fan is only giant if you are ant sized.

Army Ant
Draft one of your ants in to the Army! Your new Army Ant moves faster than normal ants and seeks out the enemy. Army Ant takes 3 seconds to squish any enemy ant it contacts, and then he seeks his next victim. Soldiers remain soldiers forever, but can be squished like any other ant. You may only have 2 Soldiers at one time. If the Squish spell is used on a stack of ants, the soldier always gets squished first. Such a hero!

The Convert spell bestows one of your ants with the power to wander the battle field converting any opponent's ants in to your own. The conversion process takes 2 seconds. He can convert soldier ants, but only once. If he gets caught a second time he wont live to talk about it.

Only the most insane mad scientist could come up with The Vortex. Click to place the center of a vortex, then move your mouse to set the size, click again when done. All ants within the vortex area are pulled towards the center at a constant rate. The smaller the radius you set, the greater the pulling force.

Time Warp
It's a portable rip in the fabric of reality, and everything caught in it happens three times faster! Poisoned ants squish faster, Army Ants squish other ants faster, and best of all everything runs faster too! Its just plain coo coo!

Cheap, effective, and makes a stylish conversation piece on the coffee table. Click to place your bomb, and everything in its radius is squished by the shockwave when it detonates.

Panic Button
Run away! When you drop the panic button on the play field, every ant near it will run away in terror.

Choose an ant, preferrably an enemy, to transform it in to the source of a hideous zombie plague. As your zombie searches for brains to eat, any ants he comes in to contact with also become zombies. Third generation zombies can not spread the zombie plague, thank goodness. Any ant who is zombified for 4 seconds is squished.

Stink Bug
Eeew stinky! Once the Stink Bug starts to smell, everybody will run away from his terrible stench. He has no friends and seldom gets invited to parties.

Cookie Crumbs
Break off some of that cookie and drop three crumbs on the field. Cookie Crumbs will draw nearby ants to them, until there are 5 ants at each crumb, then they are just too crowded to attract more ants. After ten seconds the crumbs will vanish as if they were eaten by a swarm of ants.

Fire Ant
A living bomb! First select your ant, then select where your Fire Ant should run to. He will ignite, run to your designated target spot, and then explode in a fiery blast squishing every ant in the blast radius.

With Zombies, Fire Ants, cookie crumbs, and poison drifting all over the place wouldn't it be nice to clean up once in a while? Now you can with the Mystic Cleansing Circle. Removes curses, gets kitchen tile clean, and restores everything to normal again. It even prevents new spells from being used within its protective radius.

A beam of white hot electrical energy from the sky shoots down and scorches the path you set by dragging the mouse. Any ants nearby will be crispy fried!